Big Bang Daesung leisurely sings G-Dragon’s song in new “D’splay” video

Big Bang member Daesung reported his current situation after leaving YG.

Daesung uploaded a video titled “D’s Wine | The First drink” on his Youtube channel “D’splay” on January 9th.

The video showed Daesung introducing a kind of makgeolli (raw rice wine).


Daesung said, “Only 20,000 bottles were produced and this is what makes it special”, adding “This is also why people want to drink it even more”, drawing laughter.

Daesung then poured makgeolli into a wine glass. He commented, “The color of makgeolli is very pretty. It’s a fantastic collaboration created by nice bubbles and the beautiful color that make you feel good just by looking at them.”

Afterward, Daesung said, “Here I have the perfect side dish that would go really well with makgeolli”, then showed the fermented skates (“hong eo” in Korean) side dish.


He continued, “D’splay is eating hong eo. Hong hong hong~ (a Korean joke)”. The melody Daesung sang reminded viewers of the song “Going To Try” by Hyung Yong Don Jyong (Jung Hyun Don & G-Dragon).

Next, Daesung ate the fermented skates with kimchi on top. He smiled and said, “It will clear your stuffy nose. This is the moment when I’m not jealous of anyone or anything in the world”.

Last month, YG Entertainment announced, “Daesung’s exclusive contract with our company has expired and he is seeking a new star”, adding “What remains unchanged is the fact that he is a member of Big Bang. We support Daesung’s new start and choice in the future”.

Source: Nate

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