BLACKPINK’s teaser photos are as beautiful as pictorials

Recently, BLACKPINK officially introduced to their fans the first full-album that will be released in October. In preparation for this comeback, each member of BLACKPINK released a series of photos to attract the public’s attention.

BLACKPINK will announce their first full album titled The Album. In addition, with the series of images this company teased before, it is likely that YG will release an impressive MV.

BLACKPINK released a series of beautiful promotional photos as pictorials

In order to create their special event, YG had prepared a special promotional campaign for Blackpink. Each member had 2 teaser posters with 2 completely different concepts. This was also a special occasion that makes fans excited about the investment as well as the beauty of their idols in each photo.

If in the first poster, Jennie made everyone admire her lady-beauty, in the second poster, she made people excited with her new hairstyle. 

As usual, Jisoo was perfectly beautiful. From the first poster to the second poster, there were lots of impressive colors. The visual of BLACKPINK, this time, showed a different image.

Lisa was the one with the biggest change. She had her hairstyle changed and got her hair highlight coloured. 

Rosé also had an impressive appearance. The female idol’s photos showed off her outstanding charisma.

Knet is waiting for the comeback of BLACKPINK

If in the past, Korean audiences did not look forward to BLACKPINK’s music. This group, although very famous in the world, was not too noticeable in Korea. 

But after BLACKPINK released the song How you like that and introduced the Korean culture to the world, they gradually received attention from the audience. They continue to collaborate with Selena Gomez in the Ice Cream MV. This is also the 3rd collaboration of BLACKPINK with famous artists in the world such as Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa and Selena.

Teasing the latest images, BLACKPINK made everyone pay attention to them. Korean nentizens also left many positive comments on articles about the 4 girls’ comeback:

  • The product will surely be great
  • “Since when have I been waiting for BLACKPINK’s products?
  • Looking forward to it, BLACKPINK is really amazing
  • Every comeback is remarkable”
  • Every photos looks good, I’m just a nonfan but I have to pay attention to BLACKPINK’s comeback

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