BLACKPINK Rosé’s Remark “Great Minds Think Alike”: Will She Follow Other Members and Leave YG Too?

BLACKPINK’s Rosé Shares Update Amid YG Recontracting Issue

Amid the attention on BLACKPINK member Rosé regarding her YG Entertainment recontracting issue, she has provided an update.

Rosé recently posted several photos that appear to have been taken in an underground parking lot on the 24th. Alongside the photos, Rosé wrote in English, “great minds think alike wink wink,” a playful expression that caught the attention of fans.

Rosé’s remark has sparked suspicions among fans that the idol might be hinting at the exclusive contract issue between BLACKPINK and YG. Adding to this, with the recent news of Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa leaving YG, as reported by Korean media on September 21st, many netizens speculate that Rosé might be following her members and not resigning with YG. On the flip side, there are also quite a few fans who remain optimistic, believing that Rosé might be subtly signaling that all four members have decided to stay at YG.

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Previously, Rosé had also shared her diary entries through Weverse. In an entry dated September 23rd, she wrote, “I was so happy today because many fans were waiting outside the hotel. On the way here, I saw the Eiffel Tower. Will I be able to take good photos for the blog this time too? I’m looking forward to it.”

Earlier, YG Entertainment had briefly stated regarding the establishment of a one-person agency by Jennie and Jisoo on the 25th, “Nothing has been confirmed yet regarding BLACKPINK’s recontracting and future activities.”

rose blackpink

In addition to this, prior reports mentioned that Rosé was the only BLACKPINK member who had renewed her contract with YG Entertainment, while Lisa and Jisoo had signed contracts with other agencies, with substantial signing bonuses mentioned. It was also reported that discussions were underway to continue BLACKPINK’s activities for about 1 year and 6 months separately from these contracts.

However, YG Entertainment responded to these reports by stating to Star News, “Nothing has been confirmed yet, and discussions are ongoing.”

BLACKPINK’s contracts became a topic of discussion when, on August 8th, it was reported that after 7 years since their exclusive contract had been signed in 2016, Lisa, the Thai member, received a substantial signing bonus and was rumored to be transferring to an overseas agency. Coincidentally, Lisa was seen with Frederick Arnaud, the fourth son of the chairman of the global luxury brand group LVMH and the CEO of the watch brand TAG Heuer, which led to speculation about her possible departure from YG.

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