BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” rose to the top of Spotify global chart, showing the group’s extraordinary reputation

BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” topped the global chart of Spotify Daily Top Songs 

BLACKPINK‘s “Pink Venom” recorded 7,937,036 streaming times on Spotify alone on the first day of its release (August 19). This is the highest streaming number among female artists’ songs in the world, including K-pop songs released this year.

‘Pink Venom’ successfully entered the charts of 71 countries in the Top 200 by country and region on Spotify, and among them, it is noteworthy that it ranked sixth in the United States. This is because Spotify is a high-impact music streaming platform that has an impact on the US Billboard charts.

Blackpink climbed to #2 on the Spotify global chart with the mega hit ‘How You Like That’ about two years ago. In addition, ‘Lovesick Girls’ ranked 3rd while ‘Ice Cream’ and ‘Kill This Love’ ranked 4th, proving their amazing reputation.

Because Blackpink, which is known as ‘K-Pop Queen’ and ‘YouTube Queen’, has created a viral effect recently.  So it’s no wonder they rose to the top of the Spotify global chart.  In particular, ‘Pink Venom’ is a pre-released song in their 2nd full-length album, so the new K-pop history they will be writing is attracting more attention.

“Pink Venom” is a hip-hop genre song with BLACKPINK’s unique charisma. The sound of Korean traditional instruments, combined with strong beats, captivates the ears from the intro,

Besides,  the sleek rap and fatal vocals that unfold powerfully on top of it maximize the charm of each of the four members.

The song has so far topped the worldwide song chart, sweeping the iTunes charts in 73 countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom. It also proved its unrivaled popularity by sweeping various charts such as QQ Music – China’s largest music site.

The music video is also explosively popular. The music video for ‘Pink Venom’ surpassed 100 million views in about 29 hours after it was released. This was also the fastest among K-pop girl group music videos that reached the same number of views.

Source: daum

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