A video of fans witnessing Jennie in Paris, France yesterday (Oct 3rd) has been revealed

A video showing Jennie walking on the street in Paris, France recently spread on online communities and Twitter.

In the released video, Jennie was walking on the street with a woman and talking. She appeared in an all-black look with a black padded jacket, pants, and snapback. The female singer also wore sunglasses as if she was aware of being recognized by people around.

Earlier on October 2nd, Jennie left for Paris, France via Incheon International Airport to attend global luxury brand CHANEL’s fashion as part of the 2023 S/S RTW Fashion Week.


Jennie was recently embroiled in rumors of a romantic relationship with BTS’s V in May when the two were spotted going on a date in Jeju. Since then, a Twitter user has continuously leaked personal photos of Jennie and V.

In response, YG Entertainment announced, “We’ve officially requested the police to investigate the first distributor of BLACKPINK Jennie’s personal photos”, informing fans that complaints against malicious comments had also been filed.

Source: Wikitree 

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