“Rumors of cutting ties” Kang Ye-won visited Freezia’s luxury house… “I’m glad you like it”

Actress Kang Ye-won shared her daily life with influencer Freezia.

On Oct 3rd, Kang Ye-won announced her visit to Freezia’s house through her SNS story.

kang ye won

She tagged Freezia and said, “I’m glad you like it. It’s perfect for Ji-ah’s house. Make healthy food and eat it. Let’s be healthy. Let’s be happy.”

The released photo showed Freezia leaving a proof shot to prove if she likes the bowls Kang Ye-won gave her. The warm friendship between the two stood out.

Meanwhile, Freezia suspended her activities earlier this year due to controversy over using fake luxury goods on Netflix’s “Single’s Inferno” and her personal YouTube channel. After the controversy arose, Freezia apologized, “I admit to using fake luxury goods, and everything is all my fault.”

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After Freezia’s return, Kang Ye-won indirectly dispelled rumors she cut ties with Freezia by tagging Freezia’s account on her SNS.

Recently, Freezia unveiled a grand new house reminiscent of a studio.

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