BLACKPINK Rosé goes off onstage with an unexpected rap assignment, Jennie’s expression gains spotlight

BLACKPINK Rosé turns up the stage with an unexpected rap performance.

On May 13-14th, BLACKPINK carried out a two-night concert performance in Singapore, attracting approximately 100 thousand audience members. Currently, the “BORN PINK” concert by BLACKPINK is the highest-grossing concert by a female group. As usual, every concert night is one to remember. For the first night, BLACKPINK Rosé put on a surprise rap performance under the “supervision” of her fellow members, Lisa and Jennie. The clip recording the moment onstage went viral online.

BLACKPINK Rosé went off with her rap performance under the “supervision” of Lisa and Jennie

During the “As If It’s Your Last” performance, instead of doing the rap part of the song herself, Lisa shouted Rosé’s name to let her do the part. Rosé was caught off-guard but finished the newly assigned duty seamlessly. Even Lisa and Jennie were taken aback by the vocalist’s speed and accuracy.

Lisa let Rosé take over the rap part in “As If It’s Your Last”

Moreover, viewers are super entertained by Jennie’s expression while Rosé was rapping. It was an expression of worry with a dash of amazement. Seeing Rosé rapping confidently with strong support from her two members shows how much BLACKPINK members care for each other.

Jennie’s expression gains unexpected spotlight during Rosé’s rap performance
Rosé did the rap part extremely well, nevertheless

Source: K14 

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