BLACKPINK Lisa’s Mother Deactivates Instagram After Her Reaction to Crazy Horse Performance is Revealed?  

Netizens have mixed opinions about Lisa’s mother’s reaction at the Crazy Horse cabaret where her daughter performed

BLACKPINK’s Lisa recently had a successful run of five performances at the Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris, France. Thai TV personality and host Woody recently shared his impressions of Lisa’s performance. He mentioned that the club was “reborn” with Lisa’s appearance and the audience couldn’t wait for Lisa to return.

Woody Lisa blackpink

However, what caught the attention was Woody’s revelation of Lisa’s mother’s reaction during the performances. He shared that Lisa’s mother expressed her excitement throughout the show, continuously exclaiming “wow.” She even whispered to Woody, “I thought it would be sexier than this.”

  Lisa blackpink  mom

This unexpected reaction from Lisa’s mother immediately spread online, with many netizens expressing criticism. The idea of a mother enthusiastically supporting her daughter’s performance in a strip show struck some as unusual.

As the controversy raged on, Lisa’s mother’s personal Instagram account has suddenly disappeared from the platform. Many speculated that she had to deactivate her Instagram due to the malicious comments. 

Source: K14

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