Bring disgrace to the MZ generation… Bibi, if you’re going to talk high and mighty, you can stop

Bibi represents the MZ generation, but she is trying to shame the MZ generation as a representative.

Singer Bibi caused a broadcast accident. She overturned the grievances she had poured out into those that never existed. This and that, up and down, toss and turn, and Bibi showed them all in one day.

On July 21st, Bibi cried and talked about her difficult situation through her Instagram live broadcast. It seemed as if she wanted to save herself from adversity. It was seen as some sort of SOS.

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First of all, Bibi listed situations in which she could not take a nap or take a rest comfortably. She complained that she had too many schedules to handle. It is presumed that she was pampered by accumulated tiredness due to too many schedules so far.

However, Bibi poured out her emotions while sobbing, “Fans won’t know how hard I work. I have no choice, so I have to work hard. I wish I hadn’t become a singer. I don’t want to be a celebrity. I don’t want to wear makeup. I want to erase it, but I can’t.”


Judging from Bibi’s remarks, it seemed that she was doing something wrong, as if she was being forcibly dragged by someone’s threat. It was different from general complaints. Looking at the video alone, Bibi left room for understanding that she was in a very difficult situation.

Those who watched Bibi’s video might think of her agency’s threat. It was interpreted that Bibi injected makeup or concepts that she did not want and she was carrying out tight schedules to the point where she wanted to quit being a singer. It was so natural that it expanded into dissatisfaction and distrust with the agency. Bibi, who debuted in 2019, is working under Feel Ghood Music established by Tiger JK and Yoon Mi-rae. She also belongs to the American company 88rising for her overseas activities.


Bibi’s lamentation, which has been steadily rising since her debut, was a shock. It was not that she suffered from being unknown for a long time, or that she took absurd steps through an unauthorized company. In this situation, the aftermath of Bibi’s live broadcast was strong. All the criticism was directed at Tiger JK and Yoon Mi-rae.

It was hypothesized that Bibi, who had no choice, had been bullied by her agency to the extent that she wanted to quit being a singer.


On July 22nd, Bibi’s agency Feel Ghood Music hurriedly issued an explanation for Bibi’s live broadcast.

They explained the situation instead of Bibi, “Bibi was a bit stressed while preparing for her full-length album recently. It seems that she was overwhelmed with emotions during the live broadcast. She doesn’t want her loved ones to be hurt anymore.”

However, doubts about Feel Ghood Music and Tiger JK & Yoon Mi-rae were not easily dismissed. Unfortunately, doubts about whether Bibi would have confessed her feelings through a live broadcast have not been resolved. Negative reactions towards the agency and its members spread across various online platforms.


Then, Bibi suddenly posted on her Twitter, “I’m really fine. It doesn’t matter to me what you do. But I’ll get angry if you criticize and hurt my people.” It was Bibi’s reaction when overseas fans criticized Tiger JK and Yoon Mi-rae.

Fans were worried about her and supported her because she was suffering. On the contrary, Bibi responded by saying that she would get angry at them.

Still, as the aftermath of the sobbing video did not subside, she eventually posted an apology on Instagram after explaining it through a live broadcast on July 22nd.


Bibi acknowledged her excessive desire, “I’m really, really, really sorry to make you all worry all of a sudden. As I am working on an album that will surprise the world and trying to prepare good content at the same time, something similar to a burnout seems to have affected me. I was greedy about wanting to appear in a perfect appearance.”

She continued, “I was surprised to see an article claiming that I couldn’t eat, sleep and don’t want to be a singer. From now on, I will get rid of this weakness and irresponsibility. I will work vigorously until the end and see you soon with wonderful works.”


Bibi also directly mentioned Tiger JK and Yoon Mi-rae, “Because of me, Tiger JK and Yoon Mi-rae are being misunderstood. They are the people who give me the greatest strength when I am having a hard time. Thank you for understanding even my immature parts. I love you.”

Bibi, who debuted in 2019, is working under the active support of her agency. Were love calls and attention so painful that she did not feel the pain of obscurity? Did the early success make Bibi that tired?


Bibi, who was born in 1998 and is 25 years old this year, wants to make good albums and contents, but she also wants to take a nap. It is disappointing to see her expose everything publicly since she could not even control her mood swings. She said she would surprise the world with her albums, then she surprised everyone with her unexpected actions.

In 2021, Bibi released the song “WHY Y” after being named an icon of the MZ generation. Bibi, who wrote the lyrics herself, explained, “I expressed the image of people in their 20s, who do what they want without hesitation although it’s sometimes hard, as ‘shining Y’.” Is the image Bibi showed us really “shining Y”?

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