BLACKPINK Lisa Spotted at After Party with Rumored Boyfriend Frédéric Arnault Upon Finishing Last Crazy Horse Performance 

BLACKPINK Lisa enjoyed a party after her final night performing at the Crazy Horse cabaret 

BLACKPINK Lisa has finished a 5-night performance in 3 days at the Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris, France. After finishing the last performance, Lisa attended an after-party with friends. In a shared video, Lisa can be seen dancing comfortably. Notably, her rumored boyfriend Frédéric Arnault was also present and standing close to her at the party.


lisa quẩy sương sương sau crazy horse show #lisa

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Video of Lisa at the after-party following her last performance at Crazy Horse
Lisa and her rumored boyfriend Frédéric Arnault in the video.
A clear shot of the two

In addition, in the video, Lisa appeared visibly uncomfortable upon realizing she was being secretly filmed. Specifically, while dancing, Lisa noticed someone was recording her.

Immediately, her expression changed, and she no longer looked as cheerful as before, even looking directly at the person filming her. 

Before this, after finishing her final performance at Crazy Horse, Lisa was wearing a pink crop top, the same outfit as the girl in the video.

Source: K14

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