BLACKPINK Lisa can handle the toughest neon colors, and here are the proofs

As the muse of various luxury brands, BLACKPINK Lisa has an aura and visuals that shine in any color, including the neon ones. 

Alongside her Kpop career, BLACKPINK Lisa is also a top-notch fashion icon. Not only does this female idol have a model-like body, her vibes and charms are simply unmatched. Not one since fashion items can challenge Lisa, even if they are in unfathomable shades. 

BLACKPINK Lisa recently went viral with her latest appearance. 


Red is a pretty common color in the fashion world, and while it’s relatively easy to wear, it’s tough to conquer. For Lisa, red means alluring and regal, yet at the same time, she can be a cute girl-next-door in a red polka-dot outfit. 

In her solo MV “LALISA”, Lisa delivered a perfect example of her totally owning the color red. 

Lisa’s red outfit in “LALISA”
The female idol totally slayed the color red. 
But at the same time, she can look adorable with a polka dot pattern. 


Not everyone fits the color yellow, seeing that if you don’t wear it well, yellow will darken your skin. However, Lisa only seems to shine in this bright color shade. 

Recently, images of Lisa in a yellow dress and side-swept bangs have made headlines all across the world. Her drop-dead gorgeous visuals and perfect physique is truly the icing on the cake. 

BLACKPINK Lisa recently went viral with her yellow outfit. 
lisa 07062022
The female idol even revealed her forehead for the first time in forever!
Blackpink Lisa
Lisa also rocked the color gold
A more casual look of Lisa in yellow 


Pink is generally associated with femininity. Shades of pink are therefore favored by many female idols, but not everyone can handle a bright neon pink. However, Lisa totally nailed the shade, and even managed to look cool in it. In fact, her bright pink outfit while promoting for “DDU-DU DDU-DU” was once voted as the most impressive stage outfit. 

Ugly outfits of Kpop idols
Lisa shined spectacularly on the stage of “DDU-DU DDU-DU”
lisa blackpink-lalisa
Lisa in a lighter shade of pink during her solo promotions. 
And even bright neon pink seemed to fit like home when it’s adorned by Lisa. 
The female idol used to become a hot topic for this coral pink fit.


While green is often found in interior designs due to its pleasing effect, the color is not too common in clothes. The color is often said to make people look sick and tired, and therefore, shades of green are often avoided on the stage. 

However, no color can hinder Lisa, and the female idol rocked green, both bright and dull, like a true queen. 

Even the tough color green has to look beautiful on Lisa. 
An interesting take on the color green of the female idol. 
Black and green looked like the perfect combination on Lisa. 


If not mixed correctly, purple can look cheesy and outdated when it comes to fashion. However, on Lisa, purple can look princess-like, or even downright alluring. As the judge of the Chinese survival show “Youth With You season 2”, Lisa can often be found in cute and pastel purple attires, which added a dreamy charm to the BLACKPINK member. 

Lisa looked softer in pastel purple. 
But with just a change of pattern and a darker shade, the female idol looked way bolder. 
Another purple look of Lisa that managed to boast both chicness and youthfulness. 

Having an ideal body figure is a great help when it comes to fashion, but it’s not everything. Instead, an impressive aura and vibe would help you conquer all clothes, and BLACKPINK Lisa is the master of that. No matter what style and color, Lisa knows how to rock an outfit, making her a true fashion icon. 

Source: Bestie


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