BLACKPINK Jisoo went on a “forced diet” to film the “Flower” MV

Jisoo of BLACKPINK realized the importance of her fellow members while filming a music video for her solo title song, “Flower”.

On the 26th, a video titled “Today’s Jisoo] EP.3 M/V BEHIND” was uploaded on Jisoo’s YouTube channel “Happiness Index 103%”.


The video features the filming for Jisoo’s “Flower” MV.  As the shoot began, people praised Jisoo beauty, exclaiming, “Wow, so pretty!” Hearing this, Jisoo bursted into laughter while preparing for her next outfit. While attaching her bangs, the BLACKPINK member laughed at her own appearance and said, “It looks quite shocking right now, I’m almost looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, the staff comment that the bangs will look prettier in the MV, whilst Jisoo shared her appearance through the mirror and provoked laughter by saying, “It doesn’t look as funny on camera.”

Indeed, “visual goddess” Jisoo appeared. She transformed seamlessly with her perfect bangs and showcased her drop-dead gorgeous visuals, drawing admiration.


On the second day of the music video shoot, filming took place in an outdoor studio. Jisoo displayed her professional charm throughout the shoot and confessed, “There’s no time to eat

because I’m shooting alone”, and joking that she’s on a “forced diet”. 

At the same time, Jisoo also revealed that she felt nervous and pressured to doing things alone, and that she was learning “the preciousness of members”. 

Finally, on the third day of the music video shoot, Rosé made a surprise appearance to support Jisoo. Wishing for a successful surprise, Rosé appeared, and Jisoo was genuinely shocked, making Rosé’s surprise a success. With Rosé’s support, Jisoo completed all the shooting.

Source: Sports Chosun

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