BLACKPINK Jisoo Made Public Appearance Following Rumor of Leaving YG: What’s Her Attitude Like?

The recent photos of Jisoo (BLACKPINK) at the airport have been widely shared by netizens.

On the morning of September 22nd, Jisoo (BLACKPINK) was present at Incheon Airport (South Korea) to prepare for her journey to New York (USA). This is also the first public appearance of the female singer after the news of her not renewing her contract with YG was published by the Korean media on the afternoon of September 21st.

At the airport, Jisoo was followed by a crowd of fans who were filming and taking pictures. In response to their enthusiasm, the idol continuously waved to the audience in a friendly manner. Jisoo was wearing a mask, but through her eyes, the public could feel the freshness and radiance on the face of the famous female singer.

jisoo blackpink
The singer hid behind a pillar and observed her fans for a while before officially entering the airport’s lobby. Her cute actions delighted netizens.
jisoo blackpink
There were many fans eagerly awaiting Jisoo at the airport on the morning of September 22nd. They even followed the singer to take photos and capture her adorable moments.
jisoo blackpink
Jisoo was happy to be warmly welcomed by fans at Incheon Airport.
jisoo blackpink
In response to the affection from the audience, the idol warmly waved to greet fans. She even turned back to greet the audience and reporters before leaving. These friendly moments melted the hearts of fans.
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