BLACKPINK Jisoo flaunts elegance and mysterious allure in the new “FLOWER” dance performance video 

The performance video of “FLOWER” gives a complete look at the addictive choreography of the song. 

On April 6th, on the official BLACKPINK YouTube channel, Jisoo’s “FLOWER” dance performance video was released. For the first time, fans are invited to see the entire choreography of the song. 

In this performance video, Jisoo appeared in an elegant white tulle dress, boasting a dreamy image. The idol’s gentle execution of the dance moves showed off an elegant side of the dance routines.   

The background reminiscent of a moonlit temple added to an overall mysterious atmosphere. Various camera angles took viewers on a journey to see different sides of Jisoo’s beauty, while the lighting and transition gave them a complete look at the smoothly executed choreography.  


Together with her backup dancers, Jisoo stood out as the spotlight while maintaining a harmony to give the audience the clearest picture of the concept.  

The “Flower” dance performance was choreographed by Kiel Tutin and Kiel Hanagami, both of which have had previous experiences working with BLACKPINK. 

Source: Star News 

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