HyunA reconnects with former 4Minute member, post-breakup 

While HyunA hints at a reunion with 4Minute, Dawn releases a firm statement about protecting his ex-girlfriend. 

Recent behind-the-scenes actions between 4Minute are sending fans into a frenzy when Sohyun followed back HyunA on Instagram. fans discovered them ‘liking’ each other’s posts on the platform and are expressing their hopes of a future reunion. At the present, it has been 6 years since the group (except HyunA) decided not to extend their contract with their former management agency.  

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The interaction brought hope of a future reunion. 

At that decisive moment, 4 out of 5 members chose to leave Cube Entertainment due to the lack of agreement in terms of viewpoints and career goals with their agency and only the “Bubble Pop” singer stayed with the company. After the disbandment of 4Minute, the members unfollowed HyunA. She was excluded from their reunion and fans speculated an internal conflict between the soloist and her former fellow members. When Jihyun was absent from the  group anniversary, other members tagged her in a thank-you post but did not mention HyunA. 

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Recently, HyunA publicly stated her breakup with Dawn and deleted their couple photos on her personal account. On Dawn’s part, the male rapper spoke up to warn anonymous accounts against spreading false information to smear his ex-girlfriend’s name. The rumors mentioned were about the reasons of breakup, HyunA having another person, hiding her abortion. Dawn affirmed he would sue the poster and expressed his respect for his former lover: “Even if we broke up, she is still precious to me and both more sincere and cooler than anyone I’ve ever met before. She is an artist that I will love the most in the future”, said the songwriter. 

Source: BillboardVN

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