BLACKPINK Jisoo “Every time I did an MBTI test, it kept changing…People would tell me I have multiple MBTIs”

BLACKPINK Jisoo took the MBTI test.

On May 10th, a video titled “[Today’s Jisoo] EP.5 MBTI TEST” was uploaded on “Happiness Jisoo 103%”.


Jisoo, who had ESTJ, ESTP, ENTJ and INTP results through MBTI tests in the past, said, “I’m going to do an MBTI test. Every time I did an MBTI test, it kept changing. People would tell me I have multiple MBTIs. That’s how often it changed. I’ll get into it right away.


To the question “Get along with other people easily vs. Be quiet and don’t talk much“, she chose “Be quiet and don’t talk much” and explained, “I don’t get along that easily with other people, but I’m not quiet nor do I not talk. Because it’s awkward and the more awkward I am, the more I talk. I talk a lot with people I’m close with, but if I’m with people that I don’t know well, I just tend to stay still and listen. I actually don’t like talking that much.


About “I tend to do many things all at once vs. according to a plan“, she said, “I think I do things right away. Is that not so? I don’t think I do it all at once. I don’t plan it but I do it right away when it’s given to me. I can’t choose this. I don’t do it all at once. There’s nothing I do at once. I do things according to a plan.


In particular, regarding “Get along well with others vs. Enjoy spending time alone“, she confessed, “I honestly do not get bored even when I’m all by myself. I think the moment I fall into a desert island will become paradise. That’s how I think.

After completing the test, Jisoo revealed, “ISTP. A new one came out! It was a tight battle between S and N. Other elements were definitely leaning towards a particular side. I’m a definite ISTP.

Source: Sports Seoul

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