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Yang Se Chan flustered after hearing ex-girlfriend’s real name mentioned on “Running Man” 

Yang Se Chan was embarrassed when his ex-lover’s real name was mentioned.

On June 4th, SBS’s “Running Man” revealed Yang Se Chan in a difficult situation when his ex was mentioned during the conversation between him and Haha.

Specifically, Kim Jong Kook, Haha, and Yang Se Chan were staying in the accommodation to have a short break.


While they were resting, Haha asked Yang Se Chan, “Have you ever traveled with your girlfriend?” In response, Yang Se Chan replied, “I have in the past,” adding, “I’ve been (traveling) abroad and in Korea.”

In response, Haha mentioned her ex-lover’s real name and asked, “Are you okay, are you uncomfortable, don’t you recognize everything?” The real name of his ex was not disclosed on the broadcast.

Yang Se Chan appeared embarrassed when his ex-girlfriend’s name was mentioned out of the blue, saying, “I’m talking nonsense,” but added, “It was okay.”

Source: nate 

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