IVE Jang Won Young thanked young fans, “I know the nickname ‘President of elementary students’” 

Group IVE members expressed their feelings on the first anniversary of their debut.

IVE took over the music industry with their debut singer “ELEVEN” in November of last year, as well as later singles “Love Dive” and “After LIKE”, won a total of 37 cups on music shows. At the same time, the girl group is sweeping through various awards ceremonies, winning rookie awards and main awards alike. In particular, at the 2022 MMA (Melon Music Awards) and the 2022 MAMA AWARDS, they secured both Best New Female Group and the grand prize Daesang. They are also showing off their powerful sounds, which have achieved remarkable results on major music charts both at home and abroad.

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On December 2nd, IVE Ahn Yu Jin said through her agency Starship Entertainment, “A lot of things happened to IVE in the past year. Everything felt like a dream. I’m looking forward to 2023.”

Ga Eul said, “I remember telling DIVE (fandom of IVE) on the first music show after debut, ‘I want you to continue building good memories with us.’ I’m glad it’s been a year since I’ve been able to keep that promise. I want to continue making good memories with Dive next year.


Rei said, “After debuting, I got the nickname ‘Kongsuni’, (Kongsuni is a popular animated character) and it was amazing to see my poses become popular. 2022 was a year filled with unforgettable memories.”

Liz said, “Through the promotion of ‘After LIKE’ this year, I learned about the novel feeling of meeting fans and performing on music broadcasts. It was 2022, when I was given the first opportunity to meet fans in person, so it was extremely precious.” 

Leeseo said, “It feels like the 1st anniversary is approaching quickly. Next year, I want to show a more mature and developed image.”

Finally, Jang Won Young said, “I watched a lot of videos with fans doing the ‘Love Dive’ challenge. Some show children dancing cutely while copying the point movements, and I felt great watching those. I know that people gave me the nickname ‘President of Elementary Student’. I am very grateful that young people like me a lot. I will show a more positive and exemplary image in the future so that I can live up to your expectations.”

Source: Nate

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