BLACKPINK Jennie is attacked on Instagram by Chinese netizens after cheering for the Olympic gold medalist Hwang Dae-heon

Jennie of BLACKPINK is being attacked by untimely malicious comments from Chinese netizens.  


As of Feb 26th, Jennie‘s Instagram posts are flooded with comments written in Chinese.

Under her posts, these Chinese netizens responded, “I like Jennie, but I like China more,” and “We like you so much, how dare you?”

Some netizens also wrote even more aggressive comments, saying, “Don’t think about coming to China again.”


Hwang Dae-heon, a member of Korea’s national short-track speed skating team, seems to be the reason for this sudden influx of malicious comments from Chinese netizens to Jennie.

Hwang Dae-heon appeared on CBS Radio “Kim Hyun-jung’s News Show” on Feb 22nd and confessed, “Jennie congratulated me so much. I was encouraged a lot after she told me to cheer up for the rest of the remaining races.

In other words, these netizens are expressing their dissatisfaction with Jennie because she sent a message of support to Hwang Dae-heon, who beat a Chinese athlete and won the Olympics gold medal.

After seeing this, Korean netizens said, “They are really shameless,” and “China just did something very China,” “She can’t even cheer for Korean athletes now?”

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