“Pachinko” actress Kim Min-ha, “First impression of Lee Min-ho? He’s really tall… I was overwhelmed”

Kim Min-ha told a behind story about her experience of working with Lee Min-ho.

Kim Min-ha appeared on SBS Power FM’s “Park Ha-sun’s Cinetown”, which aired on April 19th, and revealed her first impression of Lee Min-ho, with whom she worked together in Apple TV’s drama “Pachinko”. In this series, Kim Min-ha plays the young Sun-ja while Lee Min-ho plays Han-soo, drawing keen attention.

kim min ha

Regarding her first impression of Lee Min-ho, Kim Min-ha said, “I met him for the first time at the final audition. He was extremely tall” adding, “I felt overwhelmed when doing the script reading with him for the chemistry part between Han-soo and Sun-ja. It was so amazing”.


She continued, “He treated me comfortably. I also feel comfortable when sharing personal things with him. I felt very thankful when he told me to act everything I wanted to do”, expressing her appreciation for Lee Min-ho.

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