A Korean drama that even Korean audiences have to watch with subtitles

It’s a Korean drama, but it has subtitles whenever the characters say their lines in Korean. You can find this interesting thing on tvN’s new drama “Our Blues”.

Until now, we have encountered dialects from Gyeongsang-do, Jeolla-do, Chungcheong-do, or Gangwon-do through broadcasts, but there have not been many works set in Jeju-do. The recently aired drama “Our Blues” tells about people on Jeju Island.

our blues

What you can see from the beginning of this drama is that people on Jeju Island use the expression “samchun (uncle)” to refer to all gender. The Jeju dialect that you can check through the actors’ acting is very interesting.

Our Blues

At first, it may sound like a foreign language. The Jeju dialect used by the actors, including Go Doo-sim, who was born and grew up on Jeju Island, Kim Hye-ja, Lee Byung-hun, Lee Jung-eun, Park Ji-wang, Choi Young-jun, etc., is evaluated as quite real.

Our Blues

As expected from Lee Byung-hun, his acting in the Jeju dialect was so perfect that wowed many viewers. It is said that his detailed Jeju accent sounds so real that even natives of Jeju Island didn’t feel strange while listening to his lines at all.

Our Blues

These days, it is not easy to encounter dialects even in the countryside outside Seoul-Gyeonggi metropolitan area. Jeju Island is no exception. The Jeju dialect that the viewers hear through this drama is also a big factor that makes them fall in love with it.

Han Ji Min

Apart from the Jeju dialect in “Our Blues”, which has been depicted so carefully and lively thanks to the hard work of the staff and actors, hopefully, we will have more opportunities to hear various dialects from different regions.

Our Blues
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