Kim Jung Hyun is returning to new drama “The Season of Kokdu” after a year and 6 months 

Kim Jung Hyun has been cast as the male lead of “The Season of Kokdu”.

Sports Chosun reported on May 13th that Kim Jung Hyun will lead MBC’s “The Season of Kokdu” (literal title), a fantasy medical human drama in which Kokdu, a reaper who goes on vacation every 99 years, meets Han Gye Cheol, a female doctor with a mysterious ability. 

Kim Jung-hyun

Kim Jung Hyun will play Kokdu, an eccentric guide of the underworld. As the highest and only being, Kokdu is a cold and cruel reaper who guides people through the underworld road with 99 curves to Heaven. Once every 99 years, his punishment is to go on a vacation for 49 days.  This time, he is sent to life and wakes up while possessing the human body of Do Jin Woo.

Kim Jung Hyun has shown strong and rapid growth over the years with his solid acting skills after making himself known as a rookie actor in KBS2’s “School 2017”. He was recognized for his acting by viewers through JTBC’s “Welcome to Waikiki”, MBC’s “Time”, and tvN’s “Crash Landing on You”. In his most recent drama “Mr. Queen”, he received praise from viewers for his brilliant portrayal that transcends comedy and seriousness. Kim Jung Hyun’s next drama is going to mark his comeback in about a year and six months after “Mr. Queen.

Kim Jung Hyun

Kim Jung Hyun temporarily took a break from acting after “Mr. Queen” to recover his mental health. Last year, he signed an exclusive contract with Story J Company. At the time, Kim Jung Hyun was embroiled in a controversy over his rude behavior due to the disclosure of his private life with ex-girlfriend Seo Ye Ji. After recovering, Kim Jung Hyun has been working hard to prepare for a comeback in the independent film “Secret” with his new agency, Story J Company, followed by the upcoming drama “The Season of Kokdu.”

Kim Jung Hyun hinted at a comeback on his birthday last month, saying, “A lot of things have happened and a lot has changed for me. I’m not sure what I’ll look like to you yet. I’m just spending my days learning how to live as a person little by little as you cheer for me. I am preparing for the next step after finishing the movie well. I will work hard so that I can greet you with a good image.”

Kim Jung-hyun

Kim Jung Hyun will start filming for “The Season of Kokdu” soon.

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