American famous show mistook BLACKPINK for Girls’ Generation: an unprofessional truth behind!

BLACKPINK is once again the victim of these horrible mistake which is the result of unprofessionalism!

ABC’s “Good Morning America” has been a trademark show for a long time in the category of news – entertainment in America. Recently, many popular name of K-Pop have also appeared on this show such as BTS and BLACKPINK.

“Good Morning America” is where…
…and BLACKPINK once performed.

However, this show just made a very severe mistake and the victim is a very familiar name – BLACKPINK!

“Us again?”

Specifically, during a documentary about K-Pop widespread international effect in the past few years, ABC listed out some of the most famous names like PSY, BTS and BLACK PINK. However, the editors of this show have made a mistake by using the video of Girls’ Generation’s “Genie” to be the background for BLACKPINK! Also, some of the predebut footage of Girls’ Generation (Hyoyeon, to be specific) also appeared!

The clip of the “Good Morning America” show was controversial for mistaking BLACKPINK with… SNSD! (0:06s)

Fans quickly discovered another “shocking” truth, showing the lack of professionalism of the ABC station itself. Accordingly, the station in 2012 also made a video about the widespread popularity of K-Pop and 7 years later, in 2019, they took the entire video with the appearance of PSY, SNSD and then… inserted the voice of BLACKPINK!

Needless to say, both BLINK (BLACKPINK’s fandom) and SONE (SNSD’s fandom) are very disappointed and they request the show “Good morning America” apologize directly to the two artists mentioned above.

…and SNSD were caught in a ridiculous incident

– “Both of them should get an apology from that show!”

– “Really disappointed! They should respect the two groups and their fans also. Thank god someone found out about this!

– “I don’t care whom they are referring to but fans of both groups are dissatisfied! Nobody wants to be called their name wrong!

Fortunately, ABC station quickly realized this disastrous mistake and posted an edited video on their official Youtube channel. But BLACKPINK fans, in particular, are still angry when 4 YG girls have been involved in these mistakes for too many times!

The video has been edited by ABC

Source: kenh14

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