Who’s the Man that Hugged Blackpink’s Jisoo at Dior Event?

Blackpink’s Jisoo Receives Royal Treatment at Dior Paris Fashion Week

On the 26th (local time) at Dior Paris Fashion Week in France, Jisoo of Blackpink received a remarkable reception, drawing such a crowd that an entire area seemed to come to a standstill upon her arrival.

Jisoo, who attended the Dior fashion event with security personnel, was escorted by top Dior executives.

Olivier Bialobos jisoo blackpink

Olivier Bialobos, Dior Couture’s Chief Communication and Image Officer, warmly approached Jisoo, exchanged a friendly hug, held her hand, and personally guided her along the way. Later, Jisoo hugged Dior’s PR manager, Mathilde Fabre, and entered the event venue.

Jisoo continued to be a “superstar” even inside the venue. Despite the presence of numerous celebrities, she still managed to gather a crowd around her. In the midst of a sea of people, it became challenging for Jisoo to take a step.

During this time, Robert Pattinson, who was nearby Jisoo, was seen looking surprised and amused as he observed the crowd.

On this day, Jisoo also reunited with actress Charlize Theron and exchanged greetings. Actor Yara Shahidi, a fan of Jisoo, openly expressed her admiration and even took a selfie together, exclaiming, “We all came to meet Jisoo.”

Meanwhile, Blackpink has been on a world tour since October last year, meeting approximately 1.8 million fans across 34 cities and 66 concerts over the past year. In South Korea, they became the first girl group to perform at the Gocheok Sky Dome, solidifying their status as top-tier artists.

The attention is now focused on Blackpink’s re-signing as they celebrated their 7th debut anniversary and contract renewal period last month. The globally popular Blackpink is drawing attention as to whether they will renew their contract with YG Entertainment.

Source: tvreport

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