DinDin got attacked on SNS for bashing coach Paulo Bento despite already apologized

The South Korean national soccer team, led by head coach Paulo Bento, finished with a 0-0 draw in their first match in Group H of the “2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup” against Uruguay at Education City Stadium in Doha, Qatar, at 10 p.m. on November 24th (Korea Standard Time).

Although South Korea did not win, they had taken a satisfactory first step in their World Cup journey this year by scoring one point against Uruguay, a strong opponent.

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Moreover, Son Heung Min was supposed to rest after his surgery due to an orbital fracture injury. However, Son impressed the crowd by joining the game in a protective mask, showing his fighting spirit as a captain.

Meanwhile, DinDin wrote on his Instagram on the afternoon of Nov 24th, “I’m sorry. Korea is the best. It’s an all-time legendary game,” along with a lot of tearful emoticons. He also added, “I will not forget the fighting spirit and everything that our national team showed me today. I sincerely apologize for my rashness,” and cheered for the Korean national team again.

DinDin apologized because of his remarks during the live recording of SBS Power FM’s “Bae Sung-jae’s Ten” on October 24th.

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At the time, DinDin made a negative remark regarding the Korean national team’s World Cup journey, saying, “After raising hope by having one draw game with Uruguay, after that, bba bbam. I feel like coach Bento will run right away.

Not stopping at that, DinDin said, “I think everyone will think the same. Doesn’t everyone think that it would be hard for us to get to the Round of 16? It’s annoying because everyone keeps saying ridiculous things like ‘I think we will get to the Round of 16’. Why are you guys turning this into a wishing party? What’s the difference between that and ‘I hope we get first place’ when we release a song knowing that it won’t be able to chart?” he strongly expressed his view.

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DinDin also added, “I really see through Bento. I’m staring into his mind,” before copying Bento’s expression.

After the broadcast, many netizens pointed out DinDin’s rude remarks, but DinDin did not respond at the time and the controversy quietly got forgotten. However, after watching Korea’s match against Uruguay, DinDin apologized through his SNS a month after his remark on radio, sparking controversy again.

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As of the afternoon of Nov 25th, DinDin Instagram’s recent post is flooded with comments from netizens pointing out his rashness.

Netizens criticized DinDin by leaving comments, saying, “I can’t believe you are changing your attitude now,” “No matter how personal it is, I don’t think a public figure should say that on the radio,” “If our team lost yesterday, he wouldn’t have apologized,” and “If he was to apologize, shouldn’t he do it right away then?” “I don’t feel any sincerity from him at all,” and “Please know that there are fans who always support the players as well.”

On the other hand, some netizens are reacting that the criticism toward DinDin, who has even apologized, is too much.


Meanwhile, DinDin debuted with Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 2” in 2013 and has been active both on music stage and entertainment broadcast. Currently, he is appearing in various entertainment programs such as KBS 2TV’s “2 Days 1 Night Season 4,” MBC’s “DNA Mate,” MBN’s “Avatar Singer.”

Source: Newsen

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