BLACKPINK and their gorgeous beach fashion: from super sexy to super sweet

While Lisa and Jennie opt for daring and alluring clothes, Rosé and Jisoo lean towards cute and sweet.

BLACKPINK is among the most fashionable female Kpop idols, and their outstanding style always manages to become trends. This also applies to their beach fashion, which can go from sexy, lively, to sweet and classy. 

BLACKPINK members showing off their perfect physiques at the beach. 

Recently, during her trip back to Thailand, the youngest member of BLACKPINK went to the beach with her family and friend. There, she adorned a black Celine bikini, topped with a backless translucent dress. Even though photos of the female idol mostly show her from behind, it is enough to catch the audience’s eyes. 

Lisa rocking see-through fashion while visiting the beach in Thailand. 
The female idol can’t hold back her smile while side by side with her Thai friends. 

Previously when she visited France for a fashion event, Lisa also brought fans a total visual shock by wearing a sexy bikini that boasted her long legs and perfect body proportions. Lisa never failed to charm her fans, even through the screen. 

The body proportion that’s the wish and dream of many people. 
Lisa is keen on wearing bold items while on the beach. 

Similar to Lisa, Jennie also prefers a sexy look while by the sea. The female idol totally lives up to her chic and sexy image via her series of beach photos. In her latest trip to Hawaii, Jennie went viral for her pink underboob top and side slit skirt. 

Jennie’s perfect body shined in with her bold underboob crop-top.
Her thin waist and fashion choices caused quite the hype at the Jacquemus fashion show. 
Jennie’s sexy outfit while exploring Hawaii. 
A perfect physique with the perfect choice of clothes. 

Compared to the rappers of her group, the main vocalist Rosé opt for a more modest and feminie look on the sandy beach. In the music show “The Sea of Hope”, the female idole has gone viral for her unique combination of jeans and maxi dress. Via this, Rosé managed to create a new trend among the fashion lovers. 

Rosé looked like a pixie, singing on the seaside. 
Rose Blackpink
The maxi dress – jeans combo that was all the rage at the time. 
BLACKPINK’s main vocal list prefers feminie clothes. 

As sexy is never Jisoo’s preferred style, she also dressed modestly while visiting the beach. However, the idol’s poses and style were both easy to replicate, leading to a trend among fans. 

Jisoo and her simple beach fashion…
…is different compared to her group members. 

BLACKPINK is truly the style icon of this day and age, so every appearance of them became hot topics among fans and the public alike. Their beach fashion styles and poses never fail to become trends, whether they are unique or easily replicable. 

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