Kim Hee Ae, Uhm Jung Hwa and Hwang Shin Hye share secrets to maintaining body

Actresses such as Kim Hee Ae, Uhm Jung Hwa and Hwang Shin Hye revealed their own special diet management secrets.

First of all, Uhm Jung Hwa, who is gaining popularity thanks to JTBC’s “Doctor Cha”, mentioned apples as her soul food.

uhm jung hwa

She recently introduced a large amount of nutritional supplements through YouTube, jokingly saying that the secret to health is nutritional supplements.

Actress Kim Hee Ae also drew attention by revealing her 15-year self-management secrets. After waking up, she rides a bicycle while listening to EBS radio.

Kim Hee Ae

Actress Hwang Shin Hye recently emphasized her thorough self-management. Hwang Shin Hye confessed through her YouTube channel on May 12th, “I originally hate hamburgers. Recently, I’m into homemade burgers. I don’t drink coke very often, either.

Hwang Shin Hye

She added, “I try to get PT about 4 times a week. Even though it’s hard, I continue to exercise until the end. I do cardio 4~5 times a week. I also walk for at least 50 minutes.

Source: Nate

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