What we know about “Avatar 3”: Filming is 95% complete, expected length, and more 

Technological advancements have helped James Cameron and the production crew to nearly complete “Avatar 3” and the first scenes of “Avatar” 4.

With “Avatar: The Way of Water” dominating the global box office, a third sequel is expected to come out in the not-too-distant future. 

According to a report from Collider, “Avatar” Production Director Jon Landau has revealed that the production of “Avatar 3” is 95% complete. Not only that, the first scenes of “Avatar 4” have also been finished, and the cast has been given “Avatar 5” script.

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“We have accomplished many things. First of all, the completion of all the scripts for ‘Avatar’ 2, 3, 4 and 5. The cast has read them. They know what their characters will be like and how they have to act out their scenes. Currently, 95% of Part 3 has been filmed. There are still a few entanglements and we need more time to be fully done. But at the same time, we already filmed the first scenes of Part 4,” Landau shared.

He added, “One of the best things that James Cameron and I have done is that each film will bring audiences to discover new civilizations.”

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Through Jon Landau’s words, it can be confirmed that viewers no longer have to wait for another decade to watch the next “Avatar” movie. 

With the release time between “Avatar” films shortened, “Avatar 3” will bypass many barriers. One of them is the danger of being forgotten due to the emergence of other movie franchises. For example, “The Way of Water”, released 13 years after the first movie, has encountered this problem. The film can’t avoid the pressure from Marvel or DC superhero franchises.

In addition, the technological achievements that James Cameron used also proved effective. As revealed, “Avatar” crew can complete each new film in just 2 years. This ensures the speed of building this blockbuster franchise.

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However, according to an inside source, the unedited duration of “Avatar 3” is up to more than 9 hours. Adding in the intricate VFX execution, chances are “Avatar 3” will be even longer than “Avatar 2”, which is already considered too long (3 hours 12 minutes). Some critics even criticized Cameron for “telling a thin story in rambling language”.

Obviously, to please the audience, James Cameron needs to rethink and choose a more suitable length for the third “Avatar” movie.

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“Avatar 2” has so far achieved great commercial success. Many experts say this will be the most successful film since the pandemic and will soon reach $ 1 billion in the box office before 2023.

Despite the mixed reviews, “Avatar: The Way of Water” is topping the box office in many countries around the world. This is also the driving force for “Avatar 3” to be quickly completed and released to the audience.

Source: zing. 

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