“Barbie edit” took over Kpop, not BLACKPINK’s Lisa nor Jang Wonyoung, the most doll-like female idol is?

The Kpop community has been taken over by a “Barbie edit” trend, where fans turn images of their idols into Barbie posters. 

Ahead of the release of the 2023 movie “Barbie”, alongside with the emergence of “Barbiecore”, “Barbie makeup”, and “Barbie design”, even the Kpop community has been conquered. In particular, Kpop fans all around the world have been editing their idols on a Barbie poster template, which paints said idols in a doll-like light. 

Now, among all the Kpop idols that have “transformed” into Barbies, who is the most doll-like of them all?

A female idol who received overwhelming support is BLACKPINK’s Jennie with her “cotton candy” pink hair during the promotion for “Ice Cream”. In fact, Jennie suits the Barbie image very well, wearing a pink wig and crochet clothes that exuded cuteness and sweetness. Even her visuals seem more doll-like than usual, with her eyes using grey-blue lenses.

Fans also quickly took Jisoo’s image from a solo activity and pasted it onto the trending Barbie edit. Here, the oldest member of BLACKPINK exudes a sharp and seductive look, with Western-oriented makeup that makes her super charismatic.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa once again proves her “living doll” title with blond hair that highly resembles Barbie dolls. Even though the female idol is dressed simply and wears light makeup, her aura truly matches the Barbie images. 

Also sporting blond hair, yet Rosé provides a completely different vibe compared to Lisa on the Barbie poster. The idol dresses more boldly, with various belts sewn onto a hot pink dress, and styles her hair with braids placed on her forehead, creating an edgy and sharp look.

Fans also enthusiastically edit their male idols on the Barbie poster as well, and BTS Jungkook is no exception. In particular, Jungkook looks very gentle and cute with blonde hair, giving off a youthful and sweet image.

EXO Kai stuns the crowd with his glamorous Barbie edit. In particular, the male idol can be seen posing stylishly while wearing a crop top, which suits the Barbie image incredibly well.

It is impossible to ignore IVE Jang Wonyoung when mentioning Barbie dolls. The idol is closely associated with a sweet princess style, so she is perfect for this image.

In her Barbie edit, Red Velvet shows a powerful and authoritative image, as well as an “age-defying” beauty. The use of MiuMiu clothes, glasses, and bold accessories also adds to Irene’s strong aura.

TWICE’s Japanese member, Momo, transforms into a Barbie doll perfectly with her all-pink outfit, topped with glamorous gloves, glasses, and a fluffy pink hat.

With visuals as beautiful as computer graphics, aespa Karina merges into the Barbie poster seamlessly. In her version of “Barbie edit’, Karina is wearing a pink dress from Diesel, completed with nude makeup and blunt báng, making her look even more doll-like. 

NingNing is just as beautiful as her fellow member Karina. If Karina exudes a cool and cold look, NingNing looks sweet and classy in a shiny pink corset.

Red Velvet Joy, when featured on a Barbie poster, looks unexpectedly bold and mysterious, completely different from her usual refreshing and cute image.

IVE Liz steals the spotlight among “Barbie edit” contenders. In particular, the female idol boasts sweet facial features with big round eyes and plump lips, combined with blonde hair, making her the perfect Barbie. 

Taeyeon also delivers a “visual shock” as Barbie. In particular, with blond hair and pink-toned makeup, she matches with the Barbie concept like a dream. 

Source: k14, Twitter

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