B.I officially came back after nearly 2 years leaving iKON with an album including CL, Zico, Heize, and Changmo, promising to create a hit

After nearly 2 years of absence from Kpop due to the scandal, the former iKON leader is also preparing a comeback with a product combining with Epik High.

Recently, on January 11, Epik High officially announced the information about their new full album, Epik High Is Here.  Specifically, this full album will be released on January 18.  The particularly impressive feature of this album is that Epik High will collaborate with many artists.  The group has also announced a very high-quality line-up, including CL, Zico, Heize, G.Soul, Nucksal, Changmo, Kim Sawol, Woo, Miso, B.I.

B.I iKON officially came back

Among the people who will appear in the album, B.I is the name that attracts the most attention from people.  The former leader of iKON has suspended activities since leaving the group due to the scandal of using banned substances.  B.I  is a talented male idol with great composing ability, has produced iKON’s hit songs, most notably Love Scenario.

B.I iKON officially came back

Before that, B.I became the CEO of IOK Company.  And he also promised to become more active in the art field in 2021.

In Epik High’s album, there will also be the appearance of CL, B.I’s senior has also left YG.  Along with that is the appearance of Zico – who stirred 2019 with the hit Any Song, Changmo – the underground rapper had the most outstanding activities in Kpop last year.  Epik High Is Here promises to be an impressive album in 2021.

B.I iKON officially came back
B.I iKON officially came back
B.I iKON officially came back
B.I iKON officially came back

Sources: kenh14

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