Astro Moon Bin’s sexy performance… Taking off his shirt and dancing vigorously to the fast beat

Astro Moon Bin boasted his sexy charm along with a spectacular performance in Japan.

From June 3rd to 4th, Astro held the concert “STARGAZER: The 3rd ASTROAD to Japan” in Japan for two days to meet overseas fans.

Astro Moonbin

On this day, while all the members showed off their talents at the concert, Moon Bin, who danced with his shirt off, became a particularly hot topic. Moon Bin, who completely exposed his solid muscular body, performed a powerful choreography by bending his upper body back.

Moon Bin showed off his sexy and fatal figure as he moved his body flexibly to the song. Afterwards, Moon Bin caught female fans’ attention by dancing vigorously to the fast beat.

Astro Moonbin

Moon Bin’s appearance of enjoying the stage with a happy smile gave off refreshing energy, making even viewers feel good. Fans cheered enthusiastically for Moon Bin’s seductiveness and cute smile, continuing the concert’s fever.

Astro Moonbin

Meanwhile, at the concert, Astro performed various songs such as “When You Call My Name”, “Again”, “Call Out” and “Crazy Sexy Cool”, which are loved by overseas fans. Following their successful solo concert in Korea and Japan, Astro will continue to actively communicate with global fans in the future.

Source: Insight

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