Who is ‘Twozoobrother’? Why was he dragged into the ‘photo leak incident’ related to BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie?

Gurumi Haribo, the one leaked BTS V and Jennie’s dating rumor, frequently mentioned a man called ‘Twozoobrother’. So who is he?

Gurumi Haribo, who leaked BTS V and Jennie‘s dating photos, has mentioned ‘twozoobrother’ many times, saying “that’s the person who can answer your questions”, “the one who takes the photos in Jeju”. Recently, Gurumi Haribo continued to post photos of ‘twozoobrother’ taken with Jennie and her cat when she had orange hair, and a photo of him walking with V in July 2022. 


Gurumi Haribo said: “What I want to say: I mentioned this person multiple times, first-time end of August. If what I say is false or the pictures are not true, he could have released a statement as fans constantly bomb him with messages and comments on social media. So far, he has been quiet, same as YG and Hybe.”

Who is ‘twozoobrother’?

Since 2014, V has been friends with “Twozoobrother.” This person is a close friend of Jennie’s and frequently shows up with her in various places. His real name is Lee Jong Hyung. He works as a model, a YouTuber, and an influencer. Jennie once gave this person the Jentle Garden glasses collection launched on Valentine’s Day this year, showing the close relationship between them. The manager of Jennie and her closest friend, the well-known model and “Squid Game” actress Jung Hoyeon, also followed him on SNS.


Why was he dragged into this incident?

Hacker once revealed Jennie’s private Instagram account, and in twozoobrother’s follow list, this account no longer exists. Some fans speculate that this person, for some reason, unfollowed Jennie or that Jennie blocked this person after the photo leak incident.


Some fans wondered, “It’s very strange that Gurumi Haribo refers to ‘twozoobrother’ as the one who leaked the photos, but Jennie’s manager and her best friend are still following him. Or was he the one who got hacked?”

Some other fans said: “It’s not iCloud. I think maybe twozoobrother screenshoted photos from Jennie’s private Instagram and sold them.”


Another fan doubts: “Everything about this ‘twozoobrother’ guy is VERY weird. It doesn’t seem right for him to be involved in this whole mess.”

On the other hand, male model @fallitroon asked netizens to leave him alone after being labeled by some fans as “the V cosplayer in the Jeju Island photo”. In response, Gurumi Haribo released another photo of V squatting in front of the stone statue as if to refute this point.

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