BTS was praised by netizens for their delicate action at SBS Gayo Daejun 2020

As a top star, but BTS did not hesitate to kneel in response to the MC, as a result, they were praised for their delicate and polite manners.

In any event, BTS is also close and interested in those around them, even though they are currently a high-ranking star in the entertainment industry.  When participating in the SBS Gayo Daejun 2020 festival, the boys were once again praised for their quick and polite behavior during the MC’s interview on the red carpet on December 25.

It was Christmas so the MC asked BTS if they could sing ARMY a Christmas song.  The “Global Group” agreed and sang a segment of the immortal Last Christmas song.  Perhaps because he was so touched by the members’ sweet voices, the MC fell to his knees and thanked them deeply: “Thank you so much, I almost had a heart attack”.

Seeing the MC kneeling in front of them, BTS immediately knelt down and bowed in response.  This action made the host panic, he repeatedly waved his hand because he didn’t think the group would seriously repay him like that.

In Korean culture, kneeling is an act of respect to the opposite person, especially the seniors.  BTS’s action for the male MC on the red carpet made them praised for their politeness, sophistication, and wisdom.

BTS may be criticized for disrespecting others if they just look at the host kneel in front of them.  However, their actions make no one doubt their good manners

Sourcs: k14

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