Apink’s Ha Young and Namjoo’s Shocking Response to “When Was Your Last Kiss?”, Leaving Everyone Speechless

Apink’s Ha Young and Namjoo playfully answer questions on a variety show with Buong Cheol

Recently, Ha Young and Namjoo of the popular K-pop group Apink made a guest appearance on the TV show “봄맞이 붱철쇼” to interact with Buong Cheol.

During the show, Buong Cheol asked the two members when was the last time they kissed someone. Namjoo jokingly replied, “Last night.” However, Ha Young quickly turned the tables on Buong Cheol and asked, “Can we ask you a question too? When was the last time you mated with someone? Why are you the only one asking us questions? I’m curious too.” This witty exchange had the entire audience laughing and Buong Cheol momentarily stunned.


The show’s lighthearted and playful atmosphere provided an entertaining platform for the Apink members to showcase their humor and quick wit. Fans of the group praised Ha Young and Namjoo for their clever response to Buong Cheol’s question, and the video of the exchange quickly went viral on social media.

Source: twitter

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