A look into the fancy living space of female K-pop idols (ft. BLACKPINK, Suzy, and more)

Let’s check out these young and rich female idols’ houses.

Sooyoung (SNSD)

Recently in a TV program, Sooyoung revealed her apartment in Seoul, Korea. Although not too large, her apartment looks very comfortable with modern decoration. Because of busy schedules, Sooyoung makes use of her living space to be able to rest anywhere when needed or finish the schedule to return home.


By making banks, Lisa managed to buy her own place in Seoul, Korea. The apartment of the youngest BLACKPINK member is decorated with expensive furniture. She also equips a private home studio to serve her hobby of photography and filming vlogs.


Jennie once shocked fans when she posted pictures of her luxury apartment in Seoul. The female idol’s home decorations are all expensive. Her cloud speaker costs about $1,200, a sofa set costs nearly $1000, and her bed is worth more than $27,000. In addition, Jennie also has a villa in Los Angeles, USA furnished with fancy items and even includes a private swimming pool on the premises.


Hwasa currently owns an apartment worth about $2.3 million in Korea. The interior of the female idol’s home is designed in a Nordic style. The apartment’s living area is spacious and open.


As a female idol with an elegant and gentle style, Suzy‘s living space is artistically and poetically decorated. Suzy likes using flowers and colorful pictures to embellish her house. Numerous record players and musical instruments are on display at Suzy’s home.

Sandara Park

Sandara Park‘s living space reflects the strong and vibrant personality of the female idol. Her home is decorated with colorful furniture. Sandara Park has a separate space to display her BearBrick and Supreme collection of clothes and bags, which looks like a fashion store.

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