Amid controversy, JTBC sees financial improvement thanks to BLACKPINK Jisoo’s “Snowdrop”

Did Jisoo’s controversial drama “Snowdrop” actually save JTBC? 

2021 is a losing year for JTBC when the famous cable network continuously released TV series with low ratings, ranging from less than 1% to 3%. A drama that attracts much attention from international viewers ends up facing backlash over historical distortion. However, thanks to its popularity in the international market, Snowdrop starring BLACKPINK’s Jisoo still became JTBC’s lifesaver. Despite the boycott from domestic viewers, Snowdrop brought JTBC remarkable achievements internationally.


Specifically, JContentree recorded consecutive growth in 9 trading days. Before the broadcast of Snowdrop, the total market value dropped by about 10%. Following Snowdrop’s premiere, the value increased by more than 15% compared to before.  

On January 4, JContentree witnessed a share price of 60,300 won, an increase of 600 won from the previous trading day, according to the stock market closing price benchmark.

(JContentree is the mother company of Climax Studio, the producer of Netflix original series Hellbound & JTBC Studio, the producer of Snowdrop)


In addition, from December 16 to December 21, the total market value of JContentree decreased by more than 100 billion won, from 945.7 billion won to 837.5 billion won.  Then the stock price grew again.  JContentree‘s total market value exceeded 1.1 trillion won on January 4.  Compared to the 16th, the value had increased by more than 150 billion won.

JContentree‘s share price rally is analyzed as reflective of viewership ratings growth.  Meanwhile, JTBC‘s current rare drama with over 3% viewership is Snowdrop.  Although there are still many controversies, objectively, Snowdrop is still very popular with Korean people, the rating is usually quite stable on the weekly Sunday night episodes (the Saturday episodes often have to compete with SBS and tvN’s dramas). In addition, the drama also received good reviews from the Disney+ platform.  Statistics website Felix Patrol also said that Snowdrop topped the drama category in 4 countries, including: Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, out of a total of 5 countries that Disney+ is allowed.


Given these achievements, it is entirely possible to consider Snowdrop in general and Jisoo in particular as the saviors of JTBC.  Hopefully, with such a favorable start, this station will get rid of bad luck and have more impressive works in 2022.


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