A female idol whose private life is so clean even Jo Joo-bin had to give up

While the Supreme Court has confirmed a 42-year sentence for Jo Joo-bin, the operator of “Doctor’s Chatroom”, news about his illegally obtained personal information of famous girlgroups resurfaced .

On Oct 14th, an online community posted the conversation between Jo Joo-bin and his accomplices about paying for a social service worker who used to work at a district office to steal the personal information of famous girlgroup members.

Jo Joo-bin

After the incident was reported by MBC in April, some netizens revealed that the female idol affected was BLACKPINK’s Jisoo. The newly released conversation also contained Jisoo’s personal life. At the end of 2018, Jo Joo-bin conducted a 3-month background check on BLACKPINK Jisoo through a private detective office. The only answers he received were, “Jisoo doesn’t meet any men”, and “When she gets home, she just does nothing, not even turning on the lights”.

After the news was published, netizens were furious, “Isn’t it because of those jerks that Jisoo doesn’t dare to turn on the lights?”, “It’s just crazy”, “The sentence for them is too short”. One netizen also commented, “It amazes me how she doesn’t do anything at home, at all”. Meanwhile, on Friday, the 2nd division of the Supreme Court rejected Jo’s appeal and upheld the original sentence of 42 years.

Jo Joo-bin

The Supreme Court also maintained their original judgement regarding the disclosure and notification of Jo’s personal information for 10 years, restriction on employment at facilities related to children and minors as well as welfare facilities for the disabled, attaching location-tracking electronic anklets for 30 years, and a 100 million won fine.

Source: Insight

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