Amber Recalls a Distressing Incident of Being Scolded When Entering a Women’s Restroom

Amber Liu recently opened up about an incident that shook her sense of identity

Amber recently shared a very personal experience. She recounted a distressing encounter when she entered a women’s restroom and was scolded met because everyone assumed she was a man. This incident had a profound impact on Amber, leaving her with emotional scars that persist to this day.


Remarkably, Amber harbors no resentment toward those who scolded her that day. She understands the reactions stemmed from misunderstandings rather than malice. For years, she has been associated with a tomboy image, often being mistaken for a being a male. Her resilience and self-assuredness have allowed her to rise above such challenges, and she no longer feels upset when people mistake her gender.


Despite her tomboy persona, Amber revealed that she once enjoyed wearing dresses, growing her hair long, and embracing a more traditionally feminine look. However, her commitment to sports and physical activities led her to make the practical choice of cutting her hair short. Nevertheless, she proudly asserts, “Even though many people think I’m a man, I always see myself as a woman.”

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