Although Han Seo-hee complained of damages as a victim, her actions and attitudes seem to be not appropriate enough for her to be called a victim

Han Seo-hee will face YG’s former CEO Yang Hyun-suk again at the trial on May 16th.

The move of Han Seo-hee, a former trainee who drew attention after she was found to have smoked marijuana with BIG BANG’s T.O.P, is not unusual. She is certainly embroiled in a controversy over YG Entertainment’s former CEO Yang Hyun-suk forcing her to reverse her statement to cover up the drug allegation of B.I, a former member of iKON, in 2016. However, whether all of Han Seo-hee’s words and actions should be considered those of a victim, some parts actually didn’t even look like that according to the trials.

Han Seo-hee

The Seoul Central District Court’s Criminal Agreement Division 23 (Judge Cho Byung-goo) continues to deal with Yang Hyun-suks charges, including retaliatory threats under the Act on the Aggravated Punishment of Specific Crimes, and the 5th trial is scheduled on May 16th. Earlier, the trial on April 25th began in the morning but was confirmed to have been completed only after 6 p.m due to the prolonged witness examination. The defendant and the prosecution, and especially Han Seo-hee, who gave intense arguments in the court as a witness, were seen facing each other.

Yang Hyun-suk was indicted in 2016 on charges of forcing A to reverse her statements to cover up B.I’s drug suspicions and he is attending the trial in person as a defendant. Yang Hyun-suk has repeatedly claimed that he did not threaten A, additionally mentioned Han Seo-hee’s inappropriate moves during her trainee days, and emphasized that Han Seo-hee’s claims lacked consistency and credibility.

Of course, Han Seo-hee repeatedly refuted that. She demanded the trial be held privately from the beginning for the reason of preventing secondary harm. Since the court didn’t accept it, they are already facing Han Seo-hee’s furious manners.

The witness examination revealed in detail the situation at the time of B.I’s drug administration investigation was carried out and when Han Seo-hee reported the case to the public. It was also confirmed that the media site Dispatch, which exclusively reported this case, received related data from Han Seo-hee, after introducing her to lawyer Bang Jung-hyun. In addition, Han Seo-hee admitted that she was the one who reported the case in public, but lawyer Bang Jung-hyun and the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission insisted that Han Seo-hee’s name should not be revealed.

Han Seo Hee

At this point, although Han Seo-hee had a history of drug charges, she seems to have a basis established for her to express her claims from the victim’s point of view. But the problem was Han Seo-hee’s many other separate issues and these seem to be seriously holding back Han Seo-hee.

As mentioned earlier, Han Seo-hee was sentenced to probation after it was revealed that she smoked marijuana with T.O.P together in 2017. At that time, as she was sentenced to 3 years in prison, and four years of probation, the grace period did not end even when the investigation into her public report was conducted. However, he was found to have taken additional methamphetamine and failed to avoid court custody in November 2021. Moreover, Han Seo-hee also showed inappropriate attitudes, such as swearing at the court. Regarding this charge, Han Seo-hee appealed against the first trial’s sentence but immediately submitted an appeal after it was rejected in the second trial.

han seo hee

In other words, it is hard to prove herself even if she reveals her damages as a victim since she appealed for damages without having an appropriate attitude. The court also pointed out that the reason for refusing Han Seo-hee’s request to proceed with the trial in private is that Han Seo-hee’s claims did not fit the guarantee of defense rights. In addition, the court said they were not convinced because she tried to talk about things that would benefit her and put the blame on others. The trial also revealed Han Seo-hee’s trainee contract, but it was also disclosed that the contract was signed in only one place, and it was even terminated due to her own negligence of terms.

With all these processes, it seems to be difficult to determine Han Seo-hee, who is expected to face former CEO Yang Hyun-suk again on the 16th, as a victim. Of course, everyone is looking forward to seeing whether Yang Hyun-suk’s charges will be canceled by this.

Source: Daum

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