Kpop idols with outstanding visuals yet extremely hilarious personalities

Some Kpop idols look like a prim and proper prince or princess, but actually have a funny sense of humor.

Regarded as visual queens and kings, many Kpop idols would try to deliver the best image to fans, and act elegant and classy. However, some just completely disregard their images, and flaunt their hilarious personalities everywhere they go. 

Cha Eun Woo (ASTRO)

The visuals of Cha Eun Woo is irrefutable, with Korean netizens calling him a “face genius” and sending praises for his visuals everyday. In fact, Cha Eun Woo is so handsome, people said it is impossible that he’d not get popular. 

astro cha eun woo
No matter what angle you are looking at, Cha Eun Woo looks like a charming prince

However, Cha Eun Woo seems to have no issue with disregarding his image. In various cases, he’d make hilarious jokes and get up to the most insane antics, causing everyone to laugh.


Recently, Lisa became the talk of town thanks to her appearance at the Celine fashion show in Paris, France. At the event, Lisa looked chic yet bold with her cut-out sequin top, and boasted long and regal platinum blond hair. 

Lisa looked lethally alluring in a recent Celine event 

The female idol also partied hard at the Celine after party, where she danced freely and completely disregarded her proper image. Unlike the sexy pole-dancing she boasted in the “Lalisa” MV, Lisa’s dancing at the Celine party just cracked her fans up. 

V (BTS) 

Like Lisa, V also became the center of attention with his appearance at the Celine event. The visual of this male idol is undoubtable, as he has been voted “The Most Handsome Man In The World”, with fans hailing V’s side profile and astounding physique. 

However, the male idol is also famous for his wild antics and sense of humor. In a livestream video with millions of fans, the male idol even started sleeping on-cam, leaving his fans flabbergasted. V even told fans to wake him up when it’s time, thus creating a legendary livestream session. 


Referring to Sakura, fans cannot forget her glorious childhood images. The Japanese female idol has stirred up many reality shows with her humor, creating herself a series of funny moments for a lifetime.

Recently, Sakura attracted attention with a photo taken with Yunjin. Accordingly, the two girls re-enacted the famous movie scene in Titanic. Worth mentioning, Sakura was the one who asked Yunjin to pose with her at the KBS stairs. In the past, when Yunjin had a cramp, Sakura comforted her juniors by pretending to be a cat.

NingNing (aespa)

As a member of aespa, NingNing and the members are known for their unique concept and top-notch charisma. But in real life, NingNing is a funny and humorous girl. The female idol is called an “entertainment prodigy” by fans through a series of his funny and weird expressions. In particular, in the behind-the-scenes video of MV ‘Next Level’, NingNing was caught eating leaves and criticized them as not delicious.

Haewon (NMIXX)

The female idol of JYP is gradually being known to the public not only for her talent, and beauty but also for her witty personality. Fans rated Haewon as one of the most energetic members of NMIXX for her open and friendly personality. During the livestreams to chat with fans, Haewon continuously caused fans to laugh for her funny actions. Recently, memes designed by fans that captured the moment of her giving TWICE Nayeon a 90-degree bowing are widely shared on SNS.

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