Ahn So-hee Took the Spotlight With a 2.45 Million Won Mini Bag

Actress Ahn So-hee stuns in a display of luxurious fashion.

In a recent event, Ahn So-hee graced the premiere of the movie ‘Sleep’, captivating everyone with her refined autumn style.

From head to toe, she adorned herself with exquisite M brand products, showcasing a cropped jacket paired elegantly with a low-rise skirt in a timeless check pattern accented by shades of yellow and red. The meticulous metal buttons and buckles added a sophisticated touch to the ensemble.

ahn so hee

Her top handle bag, boasting a compact size, drew attention with its gold-toned lettering logo that served as a stylish focal point. Priced at 2.45 million won, it exudes luxury.

Matching her attire flawlessly, Ahn So-hee wore loafers from the same brand, featuring embossed logos and delicate gold coin details. These classic loafers, priced at 1.5 million won, perfectly complemented her look.

ahn so hee

Ahn So-hee made her debut in 2007 as a member of the renowned girl group Wonder Girls, garnering immense affection. Transitioning to an actress in 2015, she has graced the screens with her presence in movies like ‘Train to Busan’, ‘Single Rider’, ‘One Night of Moon’, as well as notable dramas including ‘Heart to Heart’, ‘Entourage’, ‘Thirty Nine’, and the ‘Missing’ series.

Source: naver

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