Girls Planet 999 made the contestant re-enact the wrong dance scene to film a fancam?

In the performance of ‘How You Like That’, Girls Planet 999 did not give trainee Zhou Xin Yu the opportunity to correct her mistakes when she recorded the fancam again.

Fans have long been familiar with Mnet’s trick to deliberately create drama. Recently, after releasing personal fancams of 99 contestants at the performance in the evaluation round of Girls Planet 999, many people discovered an unreasonable point in the fancam of contestant Zhou Xin Yu.

Specifically, on the cover stage of ‘How You Like That’ (BLACKPINK), Zhou Xin Yu has forgotten the rhythm and made the wrong moves. But when this contestant’s fancam was released, the same mistake was made but the hand movements changed.  This proves that the stage was filmed many times and Mnet has asked her to repeat the mistake to film her personal fancam.  The group’s competition was broadcast in episode 2, so the audience can easily compare.

Girls Planet 999
Zhou Xin Yu’s error scene on the official stage
Girls Planet 999
The error scene on the fancam was noticed by the fans, the contestant’s hand movements are not the same as the official version

It is known that the fancam affects the voting scores of the contestants a lot because, in the upcoming elimination round, 45 girls will have to leave.  Many viewers think that Mnet is so heartless when they do not give trainee Zhou Xin Yu the opportunity to correct her mistakes and feel sorry for her who has to make the same mistake as the original.

Girls Planet 999

However, there are opinions that Mnet’s method is fair because in the official performance, Xin Yu herself has done it wrong.


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