Jungkook and Mina – the only two K-Pop idols with this special feature

With their gorgeous eyes, Jungkook and Mina make everyone’s hearts fluttered in mere seconds.

BTS’s golden maknae – Jungkook is known as a very talented idol. Not just his skillful dance moves and vocal, many are also jealous of his 6-pack body. Besides all of those thinkgs, Jungkook possesses a special feature that is rare even among idols which are his large and sparkling glass-bead eyes. Time goes by, Jungkook is more grown-up and manlier now but this special facial feature of him still lingers.

A newly-debuted Jungkook with the spark in his glassy eyes.

Ever since he was young, Jungkook‘s eyes were extremely prominent. Not the usual eyes of a Korean character, Jungkook possesses sharp, round double-eyelid eyes, shining brightly like two drops of water. Perhaps because of this attraction, every time fans look at Jungkook, they feel the mischievous and young vibe of this guy.

At the present time, his bright eyes remain unchanged.

Besides Jungkook, netizens also discovered that an idol with equally beautiful eyes is TWICE‘s Mina. In the midst of an extremely beautiful forest of TWICE, Mina is extremely outstanding thanks to the style of noble ladies. In particular, the clear eyes that are like diamonds are the powerful weapons of Mina that cut down her fans’ hearts.

The eyes of beautiful Mina (TWICE) are equally stunning.

The beautiful member of TWICE is also known for her beautiful nickname “diamond tears”. Because every time she cried, Mina‘s eyes became strangely beautiful and shimmering. Many people commented that Mina looked like a movie actress who was suffering because of love.

The only crying moments which are so beautiful because of the beauty of “diamond tears”.

Netizen constantly praised and felt envious of Jungkook and Mina‘s beautiful eyes:

Jungkook‘s eyes are beautiful. How can it be so bright, like the starry sky is kept in it?

Jungkook’s eyes are like those glass beads, so jealous.

– Every time I look at Jungkook‘s sparkling eyes, I see how beautiful this life is.

Mina has the only luxury vibe. Yet no one has praised her for a long time.

– How could someone cry so beautiful like Mina?

It is rare to find any more idols who have sparkling eyes such as Jungkook and Mina. It is also because of this characteristic that Jungkook and Mina stand out better every time they stand on stage. Which idol’s eyes are you most impressed with?

Source: YAN

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