The girl who had her eyebrows shaved when being BTS Jungkook’s “girlfriend” 4 years ago, how is she now?

This girl has now become a popular idol owing to her appealing visuals and well-appreciated talent after having the opportunity to collaborate with BTS's Jungkook.

BTS fans must still remember the group’s interesting Highlight reel to promote the album Love Yourself back in 2017. In the reel, each BTS member was paired with a girl and each couple brought completely different narratives.

Jungkook played a patient who is being treated in a hospital. He met a girl played by ITZY’s Yuna, another patient. Jungkook has to sit on a wheelchair in the reel. Since it’s dangerous when he is going too fast with the wheelchair, Yuna then shows up and stops Jungkook. The two then decide to become friends, stick together during the difficult days of treatment.


Barely anyone knew who Jungkook’s female co-star was that year. But 4 years later, Yuna has now become a famous Kpop idol. Yuna debuted with ITZY in 2019. She is the group’s youngest member. Not only taking on the visual position thanks to her attractive appearance, the 2003-born female idol also impresses with her ability to rap, sing and dance.

After becoming famous, Yuna also had the opportunity to talk about her role in BTS’s Highlight reel when she acted opposite Jungkook. There is an interesting thing about her sick look when she played a patient. Yuna complained that at that time she was asked to wear pale makeup. While the other girls had proper makeup on, Yuna had to apply foundation on both her face and lips, looking as sick as possible. And yet, Yuna also had her eyebrows shaved so that she could portray the character the most naturally. Fans can’t help but pity Yuna for this…

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