Ahn So-hee boasts about the ‘100 million won’ new foreign car she bought after 9 years, “I chose a shocking color for the seats”

Actress Ahn So-hee, a former member of the girl group Wonder Girls, revealed the new car she bought after 9 years.

On October 21st, the video titled “Bought a new car after 9 years! New car release Vlog” was uploaded on Ahn So-hee’s Youtube channel.

Before buying her a new car, Ahn So-hee cleaned her old one. Looking quite upset, Ahn So-hee washed the car and went on a long drive with her family for the last time. After then, she went out to get her new car and even revealed its name.


Ahn So-hee said, “It’s called Sohee53”, adding “I cleaned out my car yesterday. I thought I wouldn’t have that much stuff in my car. I thought I was a minimalist but it turns out that I’m a maximalist. I had that car for 9 years, and there were so many old things”.


Revealing that she had no big accident while driving her old car for 9 years, Ahn So-hee shared, “Compared to the time I had the car, my mileage isn’t that high. I thought I drove around a lot. So last night, I went on a long drive to Jecheon, North Chungcheong as a farewell trip. The furthest this car has been is to Gangneung.”

She continued, “The seats are deep red for my new car! I decorated it like that to look young”, adding “I really like driving. If I have to go somewhere personally, I drive there myself. I get to drive occasionally, so I’m satisfied with that”.

After arriving at the store, Ahn So-hee set out to test drive her new car. She was also very surprised after experiencing the massage function. Ahn So-hee said, “This kind of digital car makes me feel trendy. It’s so nice”.

Holding a memorial ceremony, Ahn So-hee said, “Please keep me safe from accidents!”, adding “Let’s stay together for a long time! Take good care of me”, showing her affection for the new car.

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