Kim Woo Bin’s Sweet Gesture: Unveiling the Hidden Faces of “Black Knight” Supporting Cast

Kim Woo Bin, known for his good personality, took photos with “Black Knight” supporting actors who couldn’t show their faces properly.

On May 14th, Kim Woo Bin posted new photos on his Instagram with the supporting actors who starred alongside him in Netflix’s original drama “Black Knight.”


These actors played delivery drivers who share the same intentions as Kim Woo Bin’s character: 4-1 (Lee Idam), 3-3 (Lee Soonwon), 1-3 (Heo Hyunggyu), 2-4 (Bae Myungjin), 4-2 (Yoo Inhyuk), 5-2 (Jang Migwan), 8-9 (Yoo Hyukjae), 8-2 (Yang Jeongdoo), 7-3 (Han Sanggil), and 6-3 (Jo Jian).

Unlike the main actors Kim Woo Bin, Song Seung Heon, Kang Yoo Seok, and Esom, these supporting actors have fewer lines and mostly appear with their faces covered by masks, so it is difficult to recognize their faces.

Moreover, they are not even mentioned in the introduction of the characters in “Black Knight.”

Kim Woo Bin showed consideration for them by organizing the photos with their names and Instagram IDs.


Kim Woo Bin’s consideration and respect for the actors who worked together in creating a good drama are touching many people.

“Black Knight,” released on Netflix on May 12th, is set in a future Korean Peninsula where severe air pollution makes it impossible to survive without an oxygen respirator.

The character played by Kim Woo Bin, Delivery Driver 5-8, is a driver who delivers daily necessities during the day but confronts the Cheonmyeong Group, which dominates the new world, at night.

Source: insight

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