LOONA’s choreographer urged the company to pay the full choreography fee, “Please don’t make things more complicated for each other”

Choreographer Kim Hwa Young recently urged Blockberry Creative, LOONA’s agency, to settle the amount of money.

On September 30, Kim Hwa Young posted on her Instagram, saying, “I’m sorry to all the members of my choreography team who have trusted me and continued to carry out the work so far. Please wait a little more. I’m doing this because of the lovely LOONA girls.”


In her post, Kim Hwa Young said, “Even before the promotion of ‘Pant The Town’, there was an amount of money that had not been paid. When I heard that the money would be paid sometime around August and September, I left this post in draft and proceeded with creating choreography. I hope the company won’t spend more if they don’t have enough money”

She added, “It’s embarrassing to ask for just this little amount of money. I think it was because the payment kept getting pushed back, so the amount has become bigger. The cost would have only been incurred when activities were carried out, and LOONA members didn’t have many schedules. I hope we don’t make things more complicated for each other. Please pay for the choreography fee for the activities in Japan this time.”


Earlier, according to reports, many outsourcing companies and external employees have not been paid by LOONA’s management company, Blockberry Creative, for months. The unpaid amounts range from at least thousands of won to as much as hundreds of millions of won. It is reported that the companies have been suffering this financial difficulty for months.

Source: Nate

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