Ahn Eun Jin to return to the small screen with an aristocratic charm in new highly anticipated drama “My Dearest” 

Ahn Eun Jin boasts a stunning visual and an overflowing noble air in newly released stills. 

August is welcoming a highly anticipated historical romantic drama named “My Dearest” starring Ahn Eun Jin and Nam Goong Min. 

“My Dearest” is a drama about a daughter of a noble family named Yoo Gil Chae (Ahn Eun Jin) and a mysterious man named Lee Jang Hyun (Nam Goong Min). The drama is set in the Joseon era amidst the Qing invasion.

Ahn Eun Jin
Ahn Eun Jin’s image in “My Dearest” 

In the drama, Ahn Eun Jin transforms into Yoo Gil Chae, a woman from a noble background who yearns for true happiness after two failed marriages. She appears as arrogant at first; however, after many life obstacles, Gil Chae becomes stronger and more mature. 

MBC recently released new stills of Ahn Eun Jin in the drama. In Korea’s traditional clothing, the actress looks gorgeous while exuding a distinctly noble air.

Ahn Eun Jin
New stills of Ahn Eun Jin in “My Dearest” 

Ahn Eun Jin was relatively unknown in the entertainment scene. She only started gaining recognition after appearing on “The Good Bad Mother” starring Lee Do Hyun and Ra Mi Ran. Hopefully, the actress can continue creating big drama hits with future projects. 

“My Dearest” will air in two parts. The first one will premiere on MBC TV, starting on August 4, every Friday and Saturday. The second part will be out in October. 

Source: k14 

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