Jung Yoo Mi challenges bleach hair & dark makeup for the 1st time in “Celebrity”

“Celebrity” Jung Yoo Mi amazed viewers with her 180-degree image transformation.

Jung Yoo Mi made a special appearance in Netflix’s original series “Celebrity” as Vesta Room CEO Hwang Yu Ri and impressed everyone with her portrayal of a confident and shameless character. 

jung yoo mi

She not only expressed the inside of a two-faced character in a realistic way but also added detail and enhanced the enjoyment of watching by utilizing details with splendid celebrity costumes and makeup. 

In particular, Jung Yoo Mi not only vitalized the scenes with her diverse facial expressions but also skillfully portrayed the confident and assertive tone of Hwang Yu Ri, making the character stand out. Although having little screen time, Jung Yoo Mi’s impressive acting skills allowed the audience to see various aspects of the character and proved her true talents.

jung yoo mi

Jung Yoo Mi surprised viewers as she even bleached her hair for the first time in her life so that she could perfectly immerse herself in her character. This shows her passion to create a multi-layered character by paying attention to not only her acting but also the visual aspect. Thanks to her efforts, Jung Yoo Mi is receiving favorable reviews for her unique character transformation. 

Meanwhile, the Netflix series “Celebrity”, starring Jung Yoo Mi, depicts the fancy and fierce bare faces of celebrities that Ah Ri faces when she becomes famous and enters the world of money and fame. It is available on Netflix.

Source: Daum

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