Cube actually decided to kick Soojin out of (G)I-DLE from the very beginning?!

A Korean media outlet has revealed some shocking details surrounding Soojin’s departure from (G)I-DLE and Cube Entertainment’s decision.

Soojin ((G)I-DLE) is one of the Kpop idols who has been involved in the most serious school bullying scandal. Although Soojin and Cube had repeatedly claimed that the female idol was not a bully, a growing number of victims and strong evidence made netizens lose all trust in her.

Finally, on August 14, Cube abruptly announced Soojin’s departure from (G)I-DLE after her long hiatus. The company merely stated that Soojin would be departing the group and that (G)I-DLE would continue to promote with a 5-member lineup in their announcement. Fans were perplexed and disappointed due to the announcement while Korean netizens were overjoyed because they had been anticipating that moment for a long time.

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Many Korean internet users are perplexed as to why Cube took so long to confirm Soojin’s departure from the group. Many believed Cube was forced to kick her out after several failed attempts to solve the case. However, the Korean media just disclosed a stunning fact: Cube wanted Soojin to leave the group as soon as the controversy occurred.

Cube wanted to kick Soojin out of (G)I-DLE as soon as the bullying scandal broke out

According to an exclusive article from Sports Kyunghyang, Cube Entertainment actually decided to kick Soojin out of the group from the moment her school bullying controversy broke out (i.e. around late February – early March).  

Sports Kyunghyang claimed that Cube’s decision to fire Soojin was made to ensure that the group’s future activities would not be affected. Despite attempting to release the single ‘Last Dance’ with a 5-member lineup, (G)I-DLE was unable to continue their activities for several months due to Soojin’s serious scandal.

soojin (g)i-dle cube

The site also recalled that the (G)I-DLE’s member had initially denied her school violence controversy.  When actress Seo Shin Ae published hidden posts aimed at Soojin, the female idol even stated that they were not related to her and asked Shin Ae to give a response. However, the female idol couldn’t come up with any more justification for herself since Seo Shin Ae continued to publish a letter, claiming that she had been bullied by Soojin, while the other victims also stood their ground. 

soojin (g)i-dle cube

At the end of the article, Sports Kyunghyang stated that both Cube Entertainment and the other members of (G)I-DLE believed that the group’s activity should not be further delayed owing to Soojin’s controversy. As a result, her departure from the group was ultimately confirmed.


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